Looking For White Noise Online? Check This Out First.

white noise online

photo: Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Finding white noise online is easier than ever. Discover Endel, which provides more sophisticated options based on your needs here!

Searching for white noise online? This type of noise is all-encompassing just like white light, which is made up of all the colors of the rainbow that humans can see. White noise is composed of all sound frequencies that can be picked up by humans, ranging from 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz, with every frequency equally distributed. Due to these particular characteristics, white noise has the ability to mask other sounds and is perceived as “static” by the human ear. These attributes make white noise the perfect background companion for many activities such as studying, sleeping, and completing tasks that require concentration. New research also suggests that white noise can also help us exercise more efficiently.

Scientists are just beginning to understand the complex connections between sound and cognitive function. When it comes to selecting the best type of noise for your activities, personal preferences should always be considered. Finding white noise online for individual use is easier than ever thanks to YouTube and streaming services, but let’s get more technologically advanced and examine sounds beyond just standard white noise.

Endel, a recently released iOS mobile app now available worldwide, was developed by a Berlin-based team of artists, developers, and scientists who understand the connection between sound and our well-being in terms of our heart rate, blood pressure, and state of mind. Users are given the option to select from four different sound modes based on their personal needs—  Focus, Relax, Sleep, and On-the-Go. The app then automatically generates a distinct natural soundscape, which also adapts real-time to a number of personalized inputs such as location, time zone, weather, and heart rate.

Its sound engine was created using specially tuned noises to make distracting sounds and harsh interruptions less audible through sound masking. Perfect for blocking out distractions that can be disruptive and cause frustration. Focus mode in particular promotes productivity by helping you concentrate for longer periods of time. As shown in a survey of Endel users, respondents reported a 2.7x increase in ease of concentration and a 6.3x increase in concentration overall plus a 5.5x involvement increase. Test it out for yourself by downloading Endel here or via the button below.

In addition to the iOS app, the Endel team has also recently released a series of five sleep-promoting playlists. These playlists feature scientifically proven and expertly crafted sleep sounds to help you enjoy the benefits of restorative slumber. To hear them for yourself, click the “play” button below to preview the Clear NightCloudy Night, Rainy Night, Foggy Morning, and Cloudy Afternoon playlists. Choose “listen” in the top right corner if you wish to view the full album via Apple Music or Spotify.

Clear Night Playlist Preview

Cloudy Night Playlist Preview

Rainy Night Playlist Preview

Foggy Morning Playlist Preview

Cloudy Afternoon Playlist review

Multiple scientific studies indicate that certain types of music and sounds, such as those featured above, have the power to help lull us into a deep sleep. Sounds inspired by nature, devoid of instrumentation or human vocals, have been shown to be equally or even more effective than traditionally composed melodies.

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