Best Sleep Sounds: Cloudy Afternoon Playlist

best sleep sounds

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Drift into the soft, deep, refreshing sleep of a cloudy afternoon with this intentionally-crafted playlist.

The best sleep sounds help you get to sleep and stay asleep.  Sleep is imperative to our health and wellbeing, and we need a certain amount to maintain our vitality. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends adults sleep at least seven hours each night for optimal health and wellbeing. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in three Americans regularly sleep less than seven hours per night.

Therefore, one third of Americans don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. And clearly, part of the reason many of us don’t sleep enough is we have trouble falling asleep and staying there. According to a 2016 Consumer Reports survey, 27 percent of U.S. adults have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep most nights. But there are solutions; the same Consumer Reports survey also indicated many respondents utilized sleep sounds such as white noise to help them combat sleeplessness.

Scientifically-proven: The best sleep sounds to help us sleep

White noise is a sound containing many frequencies at equal intensities. It works by reducing the difference between background sounds and “peak” sounds like traffic or loud talking. According to the National Sleep Foundation: “If you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, creating a constant ambient sound [like white noise] could help mask activity from inside and outside the house … giving you a better chance to sleep through it undisturbed.” Indeed, studies have indicated white noise as effective at inducing sleep.

Through scientific and technological advances, sound-based sleep aids have reached a whole new level. We can now find entire playlists specially curated for optimal sleep. These soundtracks utilize the findings of sleep science to help people fall asleep easier and sleep deeper. Sleep: Cloudy Afternoon represents one such playlist — expertly, intentionally crafted to help you achieve the most restful possible sleep experience.

Sleep sounds playlist preview

The creators of the Sleep: Cloudy Afternoon playlist are a small, Berlin-based team of artists, developers, and scientists who launched an adaptive new sound technology called Endel. The Endel sound engine generates real-time personalized soundscapes to enhance focus, relaxation, and sleep. Its core algorithm is based on circadian rhythms, pentatonic scale, and sound masking. Endel is currently available as an iOS app. You can download the app here, and you can find its five best sleep sounds playlists on Apple Music and Spotify.

Click the “play” button below to preview the Cloudy Afternoon playlist (then click “listen” if you wish to view the album on Apple Music or Spotify).

Here’s the full list of the Sleep: Cloudy Afternoon tracks: (See if you can read them all without feeling positively calm and dreamy by the end of the list) …

“Soothing Whites”

“Covered Cloaks”


“Cool Calmer”

“Sinking In”

“Smoothed Down”

“Milk Soft”

“Gentle Shuffles”

“Tucked Right In”

“Counting Sheep”

“Pillow Wells”

“Subtle Brew”

“Humble Crumbs”

“Nodding Off”

“Watching Wisps”

“Slowly Slumping”

“Shutter Claps”

“Timid Taps”

“Light Hummings”

“Toned Down”

“Shallow Breathing”

“Heavy Eyelids”

“Auburn Fading”

Expertly composed to optimize sleep

Scientific studies show certain types of music can help induce sleep. Studies also have indicated that natural sounds — such as the sound of falling rain —  can help us to fall asleep faster.

The 57 minute playtime of Sleep: Cloudy Afternoon includes a combination of natural sounds, sound masking techniques, and musical notes. But it’s not just any musical notes that comprise the playlist’s 23 songs. Pentatonic notes — the music made on a scale with five notes per octave — make up the melodies on this playlist. A recent study, published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine demonstrated listening to pentatonic music can have a very relaxing effect. The sleep sounds of this playlist can help drowse and calm you, while masking noises that might disturb you from falling into a refreshing afternoon nap or sinking into that much-needed good night’s sleep.

Let the gentle, comforting tracks on the Sleep: Cloudy Afternoon playlist lull you into the sweet, restorative sleep you dream of on a cloudy afternoon … And experience the powerful combination of science, technology, and nature as these tracks help you return to the well-rested state nature intended for you.

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