Sleep Music for Cats: Four Purr-fect Playlists

sleep music for cats

photo: OnePixel

Interested in finding and using sleep music for cats? Check out four playlists made especially for your feline friends here!

Is your cat stressed out and not sleeping well due to a move, major household change, health issues, or loud noises such as fireworks? Try sleep music for cats to help your fur-baby relax and get some needed rest. Listen to four playlists below!

Sleep Music for Cats: 8 Hours of Relaxing Music Playlist 

Sleep Music for Cats: Help Calm Your Kitten with this 12 Hour Playlist

Sleep Music for Cats: 8 Hour Playlist for Cats and Kittens

Sleep Music for Cats: 15 hours of Relaxing Sounds for Your Cat

These playlists can be used when your are at home or away, which is great news for your indoor feline companion!

A study published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science scratched into the science behind cats and their musical leanings. Research shows that although cats don’t react passionately to music like humans oftentimes do, they are not totally indifferent. The music that humans enjoy reflects how we communicate, the same goes for felines. The music they prefer might do nothing for us, but the same can be said about their thoughts on our music selections!

Scientists are still trying to pin down exactly what kind of music cats like and are actually creating sound pieces that reflect how cats communicate with each other. Cats have keen senses and are incredibly sensitive to sound due to having great hearing. Cats’ whiskers even pick up the slightest of vibrations in the air! These two factors could mean that your cat finds the music you like to be too loud or too heavy on the bass. When researchers played music geared towards cats in terms of tone, pitch, and tempo, the felines actually rubbed up against speakers and purred. Obviously they approved!

Try out this series of sleep music for cats and see what kind of response you get from your furry friend! Be sure to share this information with other cat lovers! 

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