Sleep Meditation Music: Calm Mind, Relaxed Body

sleep meditation music

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If you're having trouble letting go of stress when it's time for sleep, listening to sleep meditation music can help melt away mental and physical tension.

Nearly one in two Americans — 48 percent of people — lie awake at night due to stress, according to the 2014 national stress survey results published by the American Institute of Stress. And stress inhibiting our sleep in turn results in more stress due to not sleeping. In the same survey, Americans cited sleep deprivation as one of the top causes of stress. The factors causing sleep deprivation: The inability to release adrenaline and other stress hormones. If you’re unable to release the stress you’ve accumulated over the day in order to relax into sleep at night — and you’re further stressed about not getting enough sleep — sleep meditation music can help.

The power of sleep meditation music

One way meditation can be defined is as “a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts,” according to healthlineThe practice of meditation has been medically recognized as a way to alleviate stress and anxiety. Research from Johns Hopkins concluded that “meditation appeared to provide as much relief from some anxiety and depression symptoms as … antidepressants.”

Knowing that stress is a key cause of sleeplessness, and that meditation can significantly reduce stress, it follows that meditation can improve sleep quality. One way to access the benefits of the meditative state is through listening to certain relaxing sounds. Sleep meditation music can redirect your mind away from stress and toward calm. Scientific studies have found listening to peaceful Buddhist music can help you fall asleep faster. Other studies have linked listening to sedative music with improving overall sleep quality and lengthening sleep duration.

Relaxing sleep sounds playlists

A Berlin-based team of scientists, developers, and artists created a revolutionary new sound engine called Endel based on their deep understanding and appreciation for the psychological and physiological power of sound. Endel leverages the neuroscience behind how white noise helps infants sleep and relaxing sounds reduce stress and anxiety (and have a positive effect on heart rate and blood pressure). If you’re looking for sounds with the benefits of sleep meditation music, the pentatonic notes and naturally-inspired, sound-masking sounds of Endel are a good place to start.

And now, the deeply soothing ambient soundscapes of Endel are available in the form of hour-long sleep albums. Each album contains 23 tracks of masterfully-crafted, scientifically-proven sleep sounds. These playlists for optimizing sleep are now available across streaming services. To give Endel’s sleep albums a listen, click the “play” button below and preview the Sleep: Clear NightCloudy NightRainy NightFoggy Morning, and Cloudy Afternoon playlists. Choose “listen” in the top right corner if you wish to view and/or download the full album via your preferred streaming service.

Clear Night Playlist Preview

Cloudy Night Playlist Preview

Rainy Night Playlist Preview

Foggy Morning Playlist Preview

Cloudy Afternoon Playlist Preview

Youtube videos: More sleep meditation music

If both meditation and sound can calm your mind, combining the two can be deeply powerful. Below are two Youtube videos with deeply relaxing sleep meditation music. Listen to these to wind down before bed, or as you’re lying in bed drifting off. Ambient background sounds filled with calming relaxation music can serve as an adult lullaby.

Sleep meditation music video 1


Sleep meditation music video 2 

If you found Endel’s sleep sounds and/or the above meditative Youtube sleep videos helpful, share them with a friend. Sleeplessness and stress are pervasive and harmful epidemics threatening health and wellbeing for many. Sleep meditation music represents a remedy that could change our individual and collective lives for the better. Spread the sound …