Stressed Out Pup? Check Out Relaxing Music for Dogs

Relaxing Music for Dogs

photo: Envato Elements

Relaxing music for dogs is easier to find that ever! Listen to some examples here and try them out with your canine companion!

Just like humans, canines can get stressed out due to a lot of reasons— a new pet in the house, separation anxiety, thunderstorms, etc. When your pup seems to be having trouble settling down, try out relaxing music for dogs. Listen to some examples below!

Relaxing Music for Dogs

17 Hours of Calming Music for Dogs 

15 hours of Deep Separation Anxiety Music for Dogs

15 Hours of Relaxing Nature Sounds for Dogs

5 Hours of Anxiety Prevention Music for Dogs 

1 Hour of Calming Music for Dogs

A study conducted by Dr. Lori Kogan from the Colorado State College of Veterinary Medicine looked into the effects of relaxing music for dogs in stressful environments. The behaviors of 117 shelter dogs exposed to classical music and heavy metal music were evaluated. The classical music helped calm the dogs exposed to it, while the heavy metal music had opposite results.

While researchers and scientists work to better understand what playing certain types of music can do for dogs, we do know that relaxing sounds and music do affect physiological processes in the autonomic system.

“The autonomic system controls both the fight-or-flight response and the rest-and-digest response,” Dr. Christie Cornelius, DVM, shares. “Relaxed dogs, in general, have slower heart rates, rest more easily and are less vocal—similar to what the brain experiences during a rest-and-digest situation.”

Dogs seem to relax when exposed to music with a tempo of 50-60 beats per minute. Think classical music, reggae, and some types of soft rock. “Classical music with a single instrument at a slower tempo has been especially shown to produced relaxed behaviors in dogs,” Dr. Cornelius adds.

Every dog is different, so play around with different music and sounds to find out what works best for your pup. Be sure to share this relaxing music for dogs with other pet owners!