This Relaxing App Helps You Unwind

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People who listened to the relaxing sounds of this app experienced 3.6 times less anxiety

A relaxing app can now play soothing sounds on your smartphone and help you unwind anytime you like. Relaxation can be defined as “the state of being free from tension and anxiety.” Just imagining such a state feels like a blissful — but unreachable — dream compared to heavy load of tension and anxiety many of us often carry. But in order to rest and revitalize our bodies, minds, and spirits, we need to be able to reach a state of relaxation. If relaxation feels out of reach to you, science and technology have created a solution. A relaxing app called Endel significantly decreases anxiety in its listeners. The Endel relaxing app help you unwind through personalized sounds that calm your mind, creating feelings of comfort and safety.

 We’re no strangers to stress & anxiety

According to the American Institute of Stress, 77 percent of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress. Similarly, 73 percent of Americans regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress. And 33 percent of people feel they are living with extreme stress. The grinding tension of stress wears away at many of us — physically and psychologically — on a very regular basis.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America  tells us anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. Anxiety disorders affect 40 million American adults age 18 and older. So every year, 18.1 percent of the American population suffers from an anxiety disorder. 

Relaxing app sounds that help relieve stress & anxiety

Fortunately, science has some healing answers for us when it comes to stress and anxiety. The power of sound can have a significant effect on listeners’ level of relaxation. Natural sounds, white noise, and certain types of music represent some of the sounds science demonstrates as effective in reducing anxiety and increasing relaxation. 

Natural Sounds

Certain sounds of nature — such as ocean waves, rippling water, or birdsong — can relax us. A recent study published in Scientific Reports  linked listening to natural sounds to activation of our parasympathetic nervous system. Also called the “rest and digest” response, the parasympathetic nervous system conserves energy and slows our heart rate. Similarly, an International Journal of Nursing Studies report found that listening to pleasant nature sounds lowered patients’ blood pressure, anxiety, and agitation levels.

White Noise

White noise can help block out disturbing noises. It does this by decreasing the difference between background noise and “peak” noises (like a car honk or a door slam). One study showed playing white noise to patients resulted in significantly improved relaxation. The patients showed signs of increased relaxation through measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature.

Relaxing App: Music and Sounds

Studies demonstrate that music — especially classical music and music you like — can significantly reduce anger and anxiety, while increasing relaxation. Another type of music that is effective in relaxation induction is pentatonic music. Pentatonic music is music made on a musical scale with five notes per octave. A study published in December 2018 in Complementary Therapies in Medicine found that pentatonic music can be very effective at decreasing stress. Furthermore, there is a remarkable shared cultural and historical link to pentatonic music. It shows up in the folk music of almost every ancient people. This age-old familiarity and affinity humans seem to share with pentatonic music makes it comforting to hear.

Using the Endel relaxing app to unwind

A small Berlin-based team of artists, developers, and scientists together created a new app called Endel. They founded Endel based on their deep understanding of the direct impact sound has on our physiological and psychological wellbeing. They knew the power of relaxing sounds to reduce stress and anxiety – and have a positive effect on heart rate and blood pressure.

Endel works as a cross-platform audio ecosystem that creates personalized, sound-based, adaptive environments that help people align their mind and body. Listeners can choose between four Endel listening modes: Relax, Sleep, Focus, and On-the-Go. The Endel app is designed to connect seamlessly with your car, desktop, smart home, voice assistants, mobile, and wearables. It’s currently available as an app on the iOS store, and is coming soon to macOS, tvOS, Amazon Alexa, and Android.

The core algorithm of Endel operates based on circadian rhythms, pentatonic scale, and sound masking. The app then personalizes these generative soundscapes by adapting in real-time to different personal inputs. These inputs include location, weather, and heart rate. Endel’s use of pentatonic scale and pure intonation create simple sounds that are both pleasant and physiologically natural. Endel also utilizes the power of white noise through naturally-inspired sound masking techniques. Its sound engine uses specially tuned noises to make distracting sounds and harsh interruptions less audible.

Those listening to the Endel app reported their anxiety decreased by a factor of 3.6 times. Let Endel soothe you in the same way by helping to block out sounds that stress you and immerse you in sounds that relax you. This is the app that works in real time to create personalized sounds that put relaxation easily within your reach, wherever you are.

The Endel app is now available for download here, or via the button below: