Relax and Sleep with the Help of Sleep Playlists

relax and sleep

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Relax and sleep better with the help of this collection of sleep playlists. Learn more about how certain sounds can help promote sleep here!

Having trouble winding down for bedtime? Relax and sleep with the help of sleep playlists!

Sleep and Sound

Sleep can be thought of as having three main stages: light sleep, rapid eye movement (REM), and deep sleep. In light sleep and REM, a person’s brain waves are very similar to brain waves while awake. Deep sleep is characterized by long-burst brain waves called delta waves, which occur only during this window. When we don’t get enough deep sleep, our ability to learn is inhibited and the body’s cells struggle to recover. Deep sleep is also the stage in which individuals commit daily interactions to long-term memory, which also influences personality. As people grow older, these regenerative delta waves decrease.

According to Medical News Today, those who do not get enough deep sleep may be at greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and experiencing cognitive decline. When it comes down to it, getting sleep is a matter of quality over quantity. So how can you help yourself optimize your sleep cycle? As detailed by sleep researcher Dr. Dan Gartenberg’s 2018 TED Talk, playing sounds that mirror the brain’s delta waves specifically during the deep sleep stage may lead to more potential benefits regarding our health, memory, and ability to learn.

Multiple scientific studies have also shown us that certain sounds promote sleep. From studies that show how listening to ocean sounds helps deepen sleep to studies demonstrating how listening to white noise can significantly promote sleep, we know sound can have a profound psychological and physiological effect on us, especially when it comes to getting zzz’s.

Relax and Sleep with Endel

Endel, a mobile app that generates real-time personalized sound environments to enhance sleep, focus, and relaxation is now available for iOS users globally. This recently released tool empowers its user to ease the mind, minimize distractions, and help capture some valuable shuteye in a more relaxed environment. The app’s sound engine incorporates specially tuned noises to make distracting sounds and harsh interruptions less audible through sound masking.The Berlin-based team of artists, developers, and scientists that developed the revolutionary app understands that sound has a direct impact on our well-being, affecting our heart rate, blood pressure, and state of mind.

Users are given the option to select from four different sound modes based on their personal needs— Sleep, Relax, Focus, and On-the-Go. The app then automatically generates a distinct natural soundscape, which also adapts real-time to a number of personal inputs like location, time zone, weather, and heart rate. Try it out for yourself by downloading Endel here or via the button below.

The Endel team has also recently released a series of five sleep albums. These playlists feature scientifically proven and expertly crafted sleep sounds to help you enjoy the benefits of restorative slumber. To listen to them, click the “play” button below to preview the Clear NightCloudy Night, Rainy Night, Foggy Morning, and Cloudy Afternoon playlists. Choose “listen” in the top right corner to view the full album via your streaming service of choice.

Relax and Sleep: Clear Night Playlist Preview

Relax and Sleep: Cloudy Night Playlist Preview

Relax and Sleep: Rainy Night Playlist Preview

Relax and Sleep: Foggy Morning Playlist Preview

Relax and Sleep: Cloudy Afternoon Playlist Preview

Being able to relax and sleep is often easier said than done. Working on getting higher-quality sleep by utilizing these playlists and mobile app is totally worth a try. Share this with others looking to improve their sleep habits!