Wake Up Feeling Refreshed with Soothing Sleep Sounds

soothing sleep sounds

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Soothing sleep sounds might just be what you need to fall asleep fast and stay asleep. Learn more about soothing sounds and how it can help you here!

If achieving consistent quality sleep each night is proving difficult, it’s time to add soothing sleep sounds into your bedtime routine. Adequate rest is one of the major components in maintaining a person’s physical, emotional, and mental health. Not getting enough quality sleep can lead to a multitude of issues such as cardiovascular diseases, visual impairment, diabetes, depression, and fluctuations in hormone function. The following are all signs that you are getting an inadequate amount of sleep: daytime sleepiness, frequent yawning, and increased irritation.

According to a 2016 U.K. Sleep Study surveying 15,203 adults, 63.1 percent of respondents were displeased with how much sleep they get. Only 8 percent said they always wake up feeling refreshed and 74 percent admitted they actively worry about not getting a good night’s sleep. Age comes into play big time when pinpointing how much sleep you need to sleep in order to maintain your health.

Each individual has their own personal needs based on factors like activity level, health status, and stress level. Below provides a basic rundown of sleep recommendations based on age.

Age and Ideal Range of Hours Asleep 

0-3 months old: 14-17 hours
4-11 months old: 12-15 hours
1-2 years old: 11-14 hours
3-5 years old: 10-13 hours
6-13 years old: 9-11 hours
14-17 years old: 8-10 hours
18-25 years old: 7-9 hours
26-64 years old: 7-9 hours
65+ years old: 7-8 hours

Soothing Sleep Sounds

If you are struggling to get the ideal amount of sleep each night, help is available through utilizing soothing sleep sounds with the simple click of a ‘play’ button.  Explore a variety of soothing sleep sounds below.

Soothing Sleep Sounds via Albums & Playlists

Some soothing sleep sounds have been scientifically engineered to promote better sleep.  A series of five sleep-promoting playlists were created by Endel, a sound technology that generates real-time personalized soundscapes to enhance sleep, relaxation, and focus. Endel’s core algorithm is based on circadian rhythms, pentatonic scale, and sound masking. The globally available iOS app was created by Berlin-based team of artists, developers, and scientists. These playlists feature scientifically proven and expertly crafted sleep sounds to help you enjoy the benefits of restorative slumber.

Click the “play” button below to preview the Clear Night and Cloudy Night playlists! Choose “listen” in the top right corner if you wish to view the full album via your music service of choice (e.g. Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, etc.). 

Sleep: Clear Night Preview

Sleep: Cloudy Night Preview

Enjoy higher-quality sleep and waking up better rested by utilizing these soothing sounds which represent the perfect balance between technology, engineering, and the influence of nature.

Soothing Sleep Sounds via Nature

If you like relaxing sound videos, try out a rain video for another option in providing soothing sleep sounds below.

Rain Sounds White Noise Video


White Noise as a Sleep Sound

White noise is an additional option as a sleep sound.  The combined sound of every frequency a human being can hear, coming through at an equal amount of intensity and at a constant rate. The resulting noise is static and it helps mask other sounds. Sounds that are very distinct from your normal background sounds while sleeping wake us up. These “peak” sounds are outside the frequency range to which our sleeping ears and brains have grown accustomed. For example, a slamming car door or a barking dog can easily disturb. White noise helps the difference between background noise and peak noises become less noticeable.  “White Noise can be helpful for some individuals who live in noisy environments because an abrupt change in sound level can interfere with sleep,” explains Nathanial Watson, M.D., president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The National Sleep Foundation adds “if you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, creating a constant ambient sound [such as white noise] could help mask activity from inside and outside the house.”

relaxing sounds for sleep
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Scientific studies indicate that certain types of music and sounds have the power to help lull us into a deep sleep. Sounds inspired by nature, devoid of instrumentation or lyrics, have been shown to be equally or even more effective than traditionally composed melodies.

Recent technological advancements have freed us from relying on traditional white noise machines and have given us drastically more sophisticated options. Specially curated playlists and sleep albums have become an accessible solution for many seeking better quality rest.  Explore a “white noise” sleep video below.

White Noise Sleep Sounds Video

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