Peaceful Sounds for Relaxation & Better Sleep

Peaceful Sounds

photo: Auskteez Tran on Unsplash

These peaceful sounds can help you unwind, reduce stress, and allow you to sleep better at night. Listen to some playlist previews here!

Sound has the power to significantly impact our health and well-being. With that being said, it’s important to be aware of the sounds we choose to welcome into our surroundings. We could all use less tension and more relaxation in our lives, and sound can play a big role in determining how tense or relaxed we feel. Fortunately, scientific studies have helped us determine the most peaceful sounds – those that ease our minds, help relax our bodies, and improve our moods.

Natural sounds such as ocean waves, falling rain, and birds singing are especially relaxing. In a 2017 study published in the journal Scientific Reports, sounds derived from nature were linked with a decrease in the body’s sympathetic response [“fight-or-flight”] and an increase in parasympathetic response [“rest-digest”], which helps the body relax and function in normal circumstances.

Lead author of the study Cassandra Gould van Praag, PhD, a research fellow at the University of Sussex, points out to Health that the research encouraged her to get outside more and use an app to listen to nature sounds while working indoors. “I really did find the downloaded tracks helpful for those times when I couldn’t get away from my desk,” she added about the option she ultimately chose after shopping around.

Incorporating the use of an app, such as the recently released iOS mobile app Endel, could be a helpful when looking to find the right kind of peaceful sounds. The Berlin-based team of artists, developers, and scientists that developed Endel understand that sound has a direct impact on our well-being, affecting our heart rate, blood pressure, and state of mind. Users are given the option to select from four different sound modes based on their personal needs— Relax, Sleep, Focus, and On-the-Go. The app then automatically generates a distinct natural soundscape, which also adapts real-time to a number of personalized inputs such as location, time zone, weather, and heart rate.

This tool is now available for iOS users globally and can be downloaded here. Click the “play” button below to preview Endel’s recently released Clear NightCloudy Night, Rainy Night, Foggy Morning, and Cloudy Afternoon sleep-promoting playlists! Choose “listen” in the top right corner if you wish to view the full album via the streaming service of your choice. 

Clear Night Preview

Cloudy Night Preview

Rainy Night Preview

Foggy Morning Preview

Cloudy Afternoon Preview

Life is always going to have its stresses, but learning how to handle it in a healthy manner makes all the difference in your physical, mental, and emotional health. Enjoy these peaceful sounds and share them with your family and friends!