Sounds & Music to Sleep by for Better Rest [Videos]

Music to Sleep by

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Want to improve your sleep just by pressing 'play' before going to bed? Check out different sounds and music to sleep by here...

Science tells us sound can have a major impact on our sleep quality. One meta-study of 10 randomized studies linked music to improved sleep quality for patients with acute and chronic sleep disorders. Another sleep study of young adults found comforting sounds in the form of sedative music allowed participants to sleep longer and more restfully. Check out some music to sleep by for better slumber below!

Sounds from nature can help us sleep and relax. A March 2017 study published in Scientific Reports compared the effects of listening to artificial versus natural environmental sounds. The study found that natural sounds are associated with an increase in the parasympathetic (“rest-digest”) response. Natural sounds are also associated with a decrease in the body’s sympathetic (“fight or flight”) response. Artificial sounds, on the other hand, are linked with an increase in the sympathetic response.

Here are some natural sounds and music to help clear your mind, relax your body, and get you ready for some seriously sound sleep.

Music to Sleep by: Rain and Ocean Sounds 

Music to Sleep by: Nature Sounds Mix

Music to Sleep by: Rain and Deep Thunder

Music to Sleep by: Water Sounds and Birds Singing

Music to Sleep by: Music and Nature Sounds Mix

Most sleep experts agree that sleep music should have a slow tempo, at 60 beats per minute (BPM) or less if they want to relax. Several sleep experts discourage lyrics in sleep music as they believe spoken words cause active listening and are thus not as effective for inducing sleep. However, it is clear that some consumers don’t mind lyrics and some of the favorite playlists on sleep services have plenty of songs that have lyrics. Desired duration of sleep music is another factor to consider. Sleep music duration options vary widely. Some people prefer to listen to a song or playlist to fall asleep. For these folks, there are individual songs and playlists from a few minutes to 1 hour in duration. Other people like to play music in the background the entire night. For these people, there are several music offerings in the 8-12 hour range of duration.