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how to sleep fast

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Looking for 'how to sleep fast' online? We can help you out with some sleep-promoting sound playlists and an app! More here.

If you are fed up with tossing, turning, flipping over your pillow, and trying to get your mind to shutdown at bedtime— it’s time to figure out how to sleep fast and stay asleep. As Psychology Today explains, one sleep cycle lasts around 90 minutes and features five unique stages of sleep. The first four stages make up non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, and the fifth stage is when rapid eye movement (REM) sleep takes place. The final stage of sleep is characterized by rapid eye movement and is when most dreaming occurs. Although our eyes are sometimes moving about rapidly, the muscles that move our bodies are in a paralyzed state.

While making sure your physical surroundings promote sleep is very important, don’t forget to consider the noises inside and outside of your bedroom. Sound has a profound impact on us and relaxing sounds have been shown to reduce stress while also having a positive effect on heart rate and blood pressure. Your biological clock, which produces circadian rhythms, is in tune with nature’s organic rhythms and cycles.

According to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, circadian rhythms can influence sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, eating habits, digestion, body temperature, and other bodily functions. Irregular circadian rhythms have been linked to these various chronic health conditions: sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes, and depression. Circadian rhythms ultimately help determine our individual sleep patterns.

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Modern life is fraught with disruption of these vital internal rhythms. Fortunately, technology is being used to push back and help individuals regain control over their most basic need— restorative sleep. to sleep fast—- it’s simple, use relaxing sounds. Share this information with others looking for better sleep!