How to Go to Sleep Quickly: Use Relaxing Sleep Sounds

How to Go to Sleep

photo: Envato Elements

How to go to sleep and remain asleep is becoming easier to understand thanks to research and new sleep-promoting tools. More here!

Searching online for ‘how to go to sleep’ and getting all sorts of search results in return? Let’s make this easy— if you need help falling asleep and staying asleep, think sleep sounds! Numerous scientific studies have made it clear that certain sounds promote sleep. From studies that show how listening to ocean sounds helps deepen sleep to studies demonstrating how listening to white noise can significantly help us sleep, we know sound can have a profound psychological and physiological effect on us, especially when it comes to slumber.

When it comes to our health, getting enough rest is critically important. According to Medical News Today, those who do not get enough deep sleep may be at greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and experiencing cognitive decline as they age. When it comes down to it, getting sleep is a matter of quality over quantity. So how can you help yourself optimize your sleep cycle? As detailed by sleep researcher Dr. Dan Gartenberg’s 2018 TED Talk, playing sounds that mirror the brain’s delta waves specifically during the deep sleep stage may lead to more potential benefits regarding our health, memory, and ability to learn.

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