How To Go to Sleep Fast: Sleep Sounds & More

how to go to sleep fast

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You need to know how to go to sleep fast, and you need to know FAST! Here are 8 fast-to-read & easy-to-follow ways to fall asleep ASAP.

Sleep deprivation affects one in three Americans, according to the CDC. You want to nod off as quickly as possible so you can hit the CDC’s recommended minimum of seven hours of sleep. But you’re having trouble falling asleep when you lie down at night, and that’s detracting from your overall night’s rest. You need some tips for how to go to sleep fast, and we’ve got them. Easy, effective, and scientifically proven, here are your keys to unlocking blissfully swift sleep onset…

How to go to Sleep Fast

How to go to sleep fast: 7 tips

Below, Youtube Lifestyle Vlogger Renee Amberg breaks down her seven solutions for how to go to sleep fast. Watch her 12 minute tutorial, then check out our summary of her seven sleep improving steps after the video.

Renee Amberg’s 7 secrets to falling asleep fast:

1. CBD oil. This naturally occurring supplement can reduce anxiety, help with muscle recovery, and reduce inflammation as well as chronic pain. CBD is sourced from the hemp plant, but it does not contain THC (the part of the hemp plant that causes a psychological “high”). CBD is derived solely from its natural hemp plant source.

2. ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). This is a therapeutic technique for relaxation. It can involve listening to whispering or songs — each person has their specific relaxation trigger. ASMR is known to give tingles on the spine and neck, instilling a calming, pleasurable feeling.

3. Read. Renee recommends reading fiction, specifically — fun books that don’t require too much critical thinking.

4. Brain-dump. Try dumping everything on your mind onto paper before trying for sleep. Write down your to-do list, your feelings and/or emotions, the day’s happenings, plans for tomorrow … just get everything out of your mind and onto paper. This can help you feel more relaxed and organized before going to sleep.

5. The 4-7-8 breathing technique. This practice slows your breathing down and puts you into a relaxed state. Find instructions on the 4-7-8 breathing technique here

6. Take a hot bath or a hot shower. This has been shown to help you sleep by raising your overall body temperature, which helps get you ready for rest.

7. Lavender oil. Renee is an avid user and devout proponent of the essential oil of lavender. She says it is an extremely calming, extremely relaxing oil, and that she loves diffuse it out of her essential oil diffuser.

Bonus how to go to sleep fast tip: Sleep sounds

Science tells us sound can have a major impact on our sleep quality. One meta-study of 10 randomized studies linked music to improved sleep quality for patients with acute and chronic sleep disorders. Another sleep study of young adults found comforting sounds in the form of sedative music allowed participants to sleep longer and more restfully. Check out the sleep sounds below for a couple more easy, effective ways to fall asleep fast.

Video: Soothing sleep sounds of Nature

Natural sounds (which inspire many of Endel’s soothing soundscapes) can help us sleep and relax. A March 2017 study published in Scientific Reports compared the effects of listening to artificial versus natural environmental sounds. The study found that natural sounds are associated with an increase in the parasympathetic (“rest-digest”) response. Natural sounds are also associated with a decrease in the body’s sympathetic (“fight or flight”) response. Artificial sounds, on the other hand, are linked with an increase in the sympathetic response.

Here are some natural sounds to help clear your mind, relax your body, and get you ready for some seriously sound sleep.

If any of these sleep tips improved your slumber, won’t you share them people you know and love?! Good sleep can mean the difference between a happy, sunshiney person and a grumpy one. Here’s to more sleep, more smiles, and more sunshine!

how to go to sleep fast