Calming Sounds for Sleep at the Touch of a Button

calming sounds for sleep

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Calming sounds for sleep are now easier to find than ever before! Discover the latest breakthrough in bringing these sounds straight to you!

Calming sounds for sleep can soothe the mind and help you drift off. Tired of tossing, turning, flipping over your pillow, or resorting to staring at your alarm clock while your mind refuses to shutdown and allow you to fall asleep? If your sleep cycle is a wreck and you’re not easily transitioning into non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, it’s time for a change. Don’t fret, we’ve uncovered some stress-busting options to help you score some better zzz’s!

Recent technological advancements have freed us from relying on standard white noise machines and have given us drastically more sophisticated choices. Specially curated playlists and sleep albums have become an accessible solution for many seeking better quality rest. This series of five sleep-promoting playlists were created by Endel, a sound technology that generates real-time personalized soundscapes to enhance sleep, relaxation, and focus. Endel’s core algorithm is based on circadian rhythms, pentatonic scale, and sound masking. The globally available iOS app was created by Berlin-based team of artists, developers, and scientists. These playlists feature scientifically proven and expertly crafted sleep sounds to help you enjoy the benefits of restorative slumber.

Preview the Clear NightCloudy Night, Rainy Night, Foggy Morning, and Cloudy Afternoon playlists via Apple Music below! 

Calming Sounds for Sleep Playlist: Clear Night Preview

Calming Sounds for Sleep Playlist: Cloudy Night Preview

Calming Sounds for Sleep Playlist: Rainy Night Playlist Preview

Calming Sounds for Sleep Playlist: Foggy Morning Playlist Preview

Calming Sounds for Sleep Playlist: Cloudy Afternoon Preview

Multiple scientific studies indicate that certain types of music and sounds have the power to help lull us into a deep sleep. Sounds inspired by nature, devoid of instrumentation or human vocals, have been shown to be equally or even more effective than traditionally composed melodies.

Feel more relaxed and ready for bed already? Sound is powerful and calming sounds have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety while also having a positive effect on heart rate and blood pressure. Your biological clock, which produces circadian rhythms, is in tune with nature’s organic rhythms and cycles. Endel complements these to improve how you feel and also uses pentatonic scale plus pure intonation to create simple sounds that are both pleasant and physiologically natural.

As the National Institute of General Medical Sciences explains, circadian rhythms can influence sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, eating habits, digestion, body temperature, and other bodily functions. Irregular circadian rhythms have been linked to these various chronic health conditions: sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes, and depression. Circadian rhythms ultimately help determine our individual sleep patterns.

Modern life is full of interruptions that interfere with these vital internal rhythms. Fortunately, technology can be being used to push back and help individuals regain control over their most basic need— good quality sleep.

If you enjoy calming sounds via video, enjoy these calming river sounds with nature and birds singing below:

Calming Sounds Video

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