Best Sleep Aid: Sleep Playlists & Personalized App

best sleep aid

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Discover some of the best sleep aid options currently available to individuals worldwide and listen to the playlists here!

Finding the best sleep aid doesn’t have to involve forking over money for a fancy white noise machine, new mattress, or replacing worn out pillows. Think sound and gaining access to wallet and user-friendly sleep sounds instead!

Endel, a mobile app created by a Berlin-based team of artists, developers, and scientists, generates real-time personalized sound environments to enhance sleep, focus, and relaxation. This recently released tool is now available for iOS users worldwide and empowers its user to ease the mind, minimize distractions, and help capture some valuable zzz’s in a more relaxed environment. The app’s sound engine incorporates specially tuned noises to make distracting sounds and harsh interruptions less audible through sound masking.

Users are given the option to select from four different sound modes based on their personal needs— Sleep, Relax, Focus, and On-the-Go. The app then automatically generates a distinct natural soundscape, which also adapts real-time to a number of personal inputs like location, time zone, weather, and heart rate. Endel’s core algorithm is based on circadian rhythms, sound masking, and pentatonic scale. Install Endel for iOS here or via the button located below to enjoy personalized, soothing soundscapes that help you focus, relax, and drift off into dreamland!

The Endel team has also recently released a series of five sleep albums. These playlists feature scientifically proven and expertly crafted sounds to help you enjoy the benefits of restorative slumber. To listen to them, click the “play” button below to preview the Clear Night, Cloudy Night, Rainy Night, Foggy Morning, and Cloudy Afternoon playlists. Choose “listen” in the top right corner if you wish to view the full album via your streaming service of choice.

Best Sleep Aid: Clear Night Playlist Preview

Best Sleep Aid: Cloudy Night Playlist Preview

Best Sleep Aid: Rainy Night Playlist Preview

Best Sleep Aid: Foggy Morning Playlist Preview

Best Sleep Aid: Cloudy Afternoon Playlist Preview

Not getting enough quality sleep can lead to a many health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, visual impairment, diabetes, depression, and fluctuations in hormone function. If you find yourself extremely tired during the day, yawning frequently, and becoming easily irritated— you are probably not getting enough zzz’s. Below provides a basic rundown of sleep recommendations based on age.

Age and Ideal Range of Hours Asleep Per Day 

0-3 months old: 14-17 hours
4-11 months old: 12-15 hours
1-2 years old: 11-14 hours
3-5 years old: 10-13 hours
6-13 years old: 9-11 hours
14-17 years old: 8-10 hours
18-25 years old: 7-9 hours
26-64 years old: 7-9 hours
65+ years old: 7-8 hours

Of course each individual has their own personal needs based on factors like activity level, health status, and stress. Allowing sleep deprivation to continue negatively impacts the quality of future stretches of shuteye. Lack of restorative rest weakens your immune system and can also negatively affect your emotional state. Your physical appearance can also take a noticeable hit with dark circles developing underneath the eyes, weight gain, and complexion issues.

Don’t let getting enough sleep continue to be an issue and work to find the best sleep aid for you! Share this app and playlists with others looking to improve their sleep.