Try a Soothing Baby Song to Sleep to

baby song to sleep

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Sound profoundly impacts babies' sleep quality. Try playing the baby sleep sounds below and see which one is your little one's favorite baby song to sleep to ...

Is playing a baby song to sleep to part of your bedtime routine with your little one? If not, perhaps it should be.

Babies need sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is the primary activity of the brain during early development. Sleep is so vital to babies’ development, that by the time they reach age two, toddlers have actually spent more of their lives sleeping than being awake. So how much sleep, exactly, do babies need? A lot.

During each 24-hour period: 

  • Newborns need 10.5 to 18 hours of irregular sleep throughout the day and night, with just one to three hours spent awake during sleeping periods.
  • Infants aged 4 to 11 months old need 9 to 12 hours of sleep at night (plus from 30 minutes to two hours of napping during the day).
  • Toddlers need 11 to 14 hours of sleep every 24 hours.

If your baby is having trouble going down for the sleep he/she needs, studies show having a consistent bedtime routine can considerably improve infants’ sleep quality. And it might be a good idea to make a baby song to sleep to part of that nightly routine.

Play a baby song to sleep, says science

Studies show that listening to soothing lullabies can help comfort children, even in situations of significant pain. A groundbreaking study by the Royal Postgraduate Medical School at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in London found that playing white noise for newborns made them 3.2 times more likely to fall asleep. Playing a baby song to sleep to with gentle, soothing melodies and/or the incorporation of sound masking sounds like white noise could help your little one get to sleep and stay asleep.

Play: A calming baby song to sleep

Classical music can be especially effective at reducing stress and anxiety and increasing relaxation. Try this classically inspired mix of comforting baby songs to help your little one drift off into dreamland …

Download: Full albums of gentle sleep sounds

Below is one last baby song to sleep to play for your precious little nugget.

And don’t forget … if there was a particular song or soundscape suggested in this article that you and/or your little one liked best, be sure to share with parents you know could benefit! A well-rested baby means better-rested parents 🙂 !